GoingUI is a lightweight framework for building user interfaces, or whatever else, with reusable templates and components. It’s designed to work with the DOM, and not replace it, ie, keep you as close to native JS as possible.

Single File PHP File Manager

A very portable and full featured file manager built in PHP and JavaScript. I built this to manage files on my school’s new media server because they didn’t allow remote FTP connections.

Ben's JS Game Engine

A WIP game engine built in JavaScript. I modeled this around the language a paradigms from older versions of GameMaker. This is still pretty early in it’s life, but it’s already fairly stable and competent as a game making tool.


toitText is a sub-200-line single-file text editor written in PHP and JavaScript. I built this to play nicely with my single page file manager, but it can also be used as a standalone text/code editor.


Very easy to use JavaScript autocomplete/autofill library for input fields. This is eventually going to turn into part of a UI library, but it’s standalone for the time being.

Dell Optiplex BIOS Error Diagnostic Tool

A web based tool to assist IT professionals in the diagnosis of hardware issues on Dell OptiPlex computers. This is very simple but very useful if you’re working with OptiPlexs all day.

Ocarina of Time: Beta Quest Mapper

A tool to map Ocarina of Time: Beta Quest (an OOT entrance randomizer) save files and find the shortest path between given zones. My brother and I spent a summer playing BQ and wanted something better than spreadsheets to map our paths. I wasn’t crazy about the existing tools, so I built this.

Recipe Schema Generator

Simple tool to help put together JSON needed to get your recipes into Google results.


A JavaScript Text Adventure engine built throughout the production of Underground Dungeon. Very full featured with a built in combat system, labyrinth navigation, and world manipulation.