Dx Control

Earth is under attack, and only Defense Station Dx Control can save it. DXC is an arcade style action shooter for Android. I was inspired by a tech demo a friend of mine made, so I turned it into an entire game.

Teatime Samurai

A night-time twin-stick arcade style shooter with lots of baddies developed over the course of six months. TTS was a staff pick on Kickstarter and got completed funded in one week!

Underground Dungeon

A vast JavaScript based text adventure in the style of Colossal Cave and Zork. The engine is pretty easy to work with and you can play around with it here.


A film noir tabletop RPG format I developed in 2014 with Jacob Mooney. I tried to make this as simple and easy to pick up as possible, so characters can be made in around ten minutes.

Conway's Game of Life

Obligatory implementation of Conway’s Game of Life featuring obnoxious disco colors.


A one/two player re-imagining of Pong created in JavaScript. I was playing a lot of raquetball at the time and wanted to play with the idea of a simple (not so faithful) digital recreation. This was a fun project to learn canvas back when it was brand new.