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The Underground Dungeon, once home to the evil Dragon Cult, has long been dormant. Recently though, villagers have been coming to the Duke of Wor with stories of terrors emerging from within. You, a brave adventurer, have been sent by the Duke to clear out whatever evil lies within (and you could probably scoop up some treasure while you’re there). So go brave adventurer– into the Underground Dungeon! Make your name legend!

How’d you make this?

UGD was created over the course of a year, basically whenever I had free time. The game is the product of many weekends, spare hours, study breaks, and sleepless nights. The game is written in JavaScript in a custom text based game engine. The game is pure JS, except for the saving and loading feature, which uses PHP and MySQL.

Why a text based game?

Most games nowadays have fancy graphics and snazzy art. I made Underground Dungeon as an homage to one of my favorite games, Will Crowther and Don Woods’ Adventure, which, on account of the hardware limitations of the time, had neither. I love the effect of having to imagine what the world around you looks like, and I think in some cases this creates a more immersive experience than today’s most gorgeous 3D environments. Additonally, not having to create graphic assets meant that I could develop this game far more casually.

Is UGD available on any other platforms?

The game doesn’t really lend itself to play on any system that doesn’t have a physical keyboard, but when I get around to it, I’ve got a creative mobile implementation in mind.

Privacy Policy

No personal information is collected or stored by the game. Save data and anonymous analytics are collected by the server.


With the exception of a few easter eggs and the in-game combat sprites, all the content in Underground Dungeon was created and is the intellectual property of Ben Ehrlich (benergize). Combat sprites were created using stills from Bethesda’s Skyrim, as allowed by their user content policy.