Here’s a bunch of games I made! Some of these are virtual, some of them are pen and paper, some of them took years to make, some of them took days.

Teatime Samurai

Twin stick shooter in ancient Japan. Four player couch co-op fun, available now on Steam.

Underground Dungeon

The Duke of Wor has sent you to the Underground Dungeon to investigate rumors of activity in the ancient dwelling of The Dragon Cult. Seek adventure and make your name legend in this old-school text adventure.

Dx Control

Earth is under attack, and only Defense Station Dx Control can save it. DXC is an arcade style action shooter for Android. I was inspired by a tech demo a friend of mine made, so I turned it into an entire game.


A film noir tabletop RPG format I developed in 2014 with Jacob Mooney. I tried to make this as simple and easy to pick up as possible, so characters can be made in around ten minutes.