Pyleon is a file packaging/bundling tool. Supply a list of files, and pyleon will put them all together and output them as a single file. Pyleon is written in Node but can be used to package any language or file type.

How to Use Pyleon

  1. Download Pyleon using the links below or get the source on Github.
  2. Create a JSON file with this structure: { "output": "combinedScripts.js", "files": [ "script1.js", "script2.js", "script3.js" ] }. Note that output can be a string OR an array if you want to output to multiple files!
  3. Run Pyleon from the command line, supplying the name of your JSON file as an argument – OR, name your JSON file pyle.json and Pyleon will automatically use it as the configuration. If you have a file named pyle.json in the same directory as Pyleon binary, you can just run the binary and it will take care of the rest.
  4. That’s it! Pyleon will automatically output your combined file to whatever files you specify in the output property of your JSON file.



Windows: v .21
Mac: v .21
Linux v .21


As usual, you can browse the source on Github.

Is this a virus?

No it’s not! If you don’t trust me, you can run pyleon from the single file Node.js script in the repository–you will just have to download Node first.