Ocarina of Time: Beta Quest Mapper


It’s here at last! The new Ocarina of Time: Beta Quest mapping tool! Easily map out your Beta Quest saves and find the shortest paths between A and B. Let me know if there are bugs/glitches/typos/issues with the zone organization. You can use the demo here!


Use The ‘Zone’ dropdown to select where you currently are in the game. The ‘chart area’ will populate with a list of all the doors in that zone. Use the zone/door dropdowns to indicate what zone/entrance each door leads to. As you map, the tool will automatically find paths from your current location to a specified location. Save data can be copied or loaded at the bottom of the page.


As the game progresses more paths open. This is an issue with pathing when you spawn, for example, in Sacred Forest Meadow coming from Lost Woods. The Forest Temple exit is not a viable path because you can’t get there without the hookshot. However, if you spawn at the SFM Forest Temple entrance, you can get to it. The pathfinder believes that you can get anywhere in the zone if you spawn from the SFM Forest Temple entrance, but that if you spawn anywhere else you can’t get to the Forest Temple entrance. This is an issue in Kakariko Village (Bottom of the Well, Death Mountain Trial, and Impa’s House), Sacred Forest Meadow, and Death Mountain Crater (Fire Temple/various bridges and jumps).


Credit to mzxrules for making Beta Quest and for compiling the entrance/exit table for OOT, which I found on the ZSR Wiki. Thanks to vgmaps.com for the maps of Gerudo’s Fortress/Thieves’ Hideout and Tower Collapse which would otherwise be impossible to map. Thanks to Gabe for helping me run endless tests on the pathfinding (not that he didn’t enjoy it) and Isabel for helping me do the final test (she lovingly tolerated it). The Chiaro font is made by Nintendo(?) and was found on a sketchy Russian website.
Thanks to Mike Mimson for getting in touch and letting me know about broken Gerudo mapping.