Here’s some software I made! These were created mostly for personal use, but you are more than welcome to fork them on Github and play around to your heart’s content. Hopefully something here is useful to someone.


A JavaScript Text Adventure engine built throughout the production of a game jam entry.

Recipe Schema Generator

Simple tool to help put together JSON needed to get your recipes into Google results.

Ocarina of Time: Beta Quest Mapper

A tool to map Ocarina of Time: Beta Quest (an OOT entrance randomizer) save files and find the shortest path between given zones. My brother and I spent a summer playing BQ and wanted something better than spreadsheets to map our paths. I wasn’t crazy about the existing tools, so I built this.

Dell Optiplex BIOS Error Diagnostic Tool

A web based tool to assist IT professionals in the diagnosis of hardware issues on Dell OptiPlex computers. This is very simple but very useful if you’re working with OptiPlexs all day.