Here’s some software I made! These were created mostly for personal use, but you are more than welcome to fork them on Github and play around to your heart’s content. Hopefully something here is useful to someone.

Single File PHP File Manager

A very portable and full featured file manager built in PHP and JavaScript. I built this to manage files on my school’s new media server because they didn’t allow remote FTP connections.


Pyleon is a file packaging/bundling tool. Supply a list of files, and pyleon will put them all together and output them as a single file. Pyleon is written in Node but can be used to package any language or file type.

Game Boulder

A WIP game engine built in JavaScript. I modeled this around the language a paradigms from older versions of GameMaker. This is still pretty early in it’s life, but it’s already fairly stable and competent as a game making tool.

Tempest Fugit

I needed to track my hours for my new job and wanted software that 1. let me set reminders 2. minimized to the system tray and 3. had a very simple UI. Basically, I wanted something that tracked my hours and did nothing else. Tempest Fugit is the product of that search.