software by benergize

pushToFleet is a toolset for system administrators and IT professionals to remotely execute commands on PCs via a web interface. pushToFleet is lightweight, flexible, and free for small businesses. It comes with the functionallity to execute code you write, or use a variety of premade scripts to whatever end you choose.

Write and push scripts/commands in-browser.

You can also push files either for either download or download and execution.

Built in support for pushing messages to the whole fleet.

Save and execute previously written/used commands.

See what PCs are currently online, when they were last on what their IP addresses are, and when they were added to the fleet.

pushToFleet will be available for download and purchase in the near future. Small businesses with under 25 computers will be able to use the software free of charge, while companies with greater than 25 PCs will be required to pay a modest fee.

For more information, you can contact Ben Ehrlich at bensaysstuff@gmail.com