Pizza Recipe

This is a bit out of place, but it’s my blog, so here it is: Me and Isabel’s Pizza Recipe!

We’ve been making pizzas for about six months now, and are by no means experts, but have gotten to a pie that’s decidedly better than 90% of the pizza in Boston (which is admittedly not the highest bar in the world, but still). This recipe takes an hour from start to finish (that includes dough rising and yeast proofing), though, the longer you let the dough rise, the more yeasty and flavorful the dough will be. This recipe yields one very delicious, medium sized, thin crust, New York style pizza. It’s so good we never order pizza anymore.

Without further ado, here’s the recipe!

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The Quest for Non-Icy Frozen Yogurt

My girlfriend, Isabel, and I are big fans of frozen yogurt, in part because of the great experience of serving yourself and all the fun toppings, and in part because of the delicious tangy stuff itself. Because of the quarantine (and because there’s only one frozen yogurt place in Boston), we’ve been trying to make our own frozen yogurt–with mixed, but mostly positive results.
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